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MSI Vortex G65 SLI Gaming PC

The MSI Vortex G65 SLI Gaming PC brings power and innovation together to bring you a high end Gaming PC within the convenience of a small package. This superior product is not only for gamers, as it contains features ideal for any home entertainment system including online casinos.

When it comes to data transfer, the Vortex is top of the range. With Super RAID 4 storage you will achieve read speeds of up to 3000MB/s insuring that you are the envy of all your friends. Never again will you experience the irritation of waiting to for games to or work to load.

The Vortex also includes the option to add the new skylake chipset, with which you will achieve a processor performance boost of 12% with the i7 6700. If you decide to opt for the 6700K option, you will be looking at and incredible 22% performance increase over the current generation 4820K.

When it comes to VR Ready and 4K gaming, you can rest assured knowing you will be well covered with the choice of 2 different GPU setups. For the more modest gamer there is the option of 2 GTX 960’s in SLI or 2 GTX 980’s for the more experienced hardcore gamer. That’s a whopping P21000 on 3D Mark11.

With all this power you would expect to be paying excessively for electricity, but Vortex assures its consumers otherwise. With an 80 Plus Gold power supply, and MSI shift technology, Vortex insures completely eco-friendly power saving ability. There is even the option to run the processors on green mode, which means a massive savings in electricity usage daily.

Dynamite comes in small packages, and Vortex is no exception. This gaming device is exceptionally beneficial to the quality of all aspects of your entertainment. If you are a fan of online casinos, you can visit Casino Jackpots for a similar gaming experience.


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