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API stands for Application Programming Interface. It enables computer programs to communicate and share data with each other in various ways.

For better work process with API, developers often create an operating manual called documentation. The API documentation has no single standard – it can be either ordered or random.
How does the integration work?
The process of integration is quite easy and fast. Once the conditions of cooperations are agreed, and the contract is signed, our specialists will make all the necessary tests and will help you during the Slotegrator’s process of casino games integration.

The whole procedure usually takes around 10 days. Our team will provide the full support during this time up to the project is done.

As soon as the tests are conducted, and everything is settled down, our account manager will give you the access to the live server.

Our client then can choose the list of games to be integrated, according to the type of the project, it can consist of slot games, live dealer games, etc., as well as select the language (more than 10 languages available). Depending on the provider, you will be able to use almost any type of convertible currency, including the most common cryptocurrency (for example, bitcoin).


Each casino software provider has a unique API protocolthat allows integrating casino games into your online project. When working with Slotegrator, you can integrate the products of many developers just in one session.

The procedure takes about a month if you choose to integrate the games from different vendors. With the help of Slotegrator, you can reduce the time of a project release and connect a package of games at once. Your team will have to examine just one API document instead of several.
The technical department of Slotegrator with its best programmers and testers ensures stable operation of products as well as qualified support at all stages of cooperation.

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