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Choosing roulette as your preferred game is great, but players must understand that the casino’s edge is usually a little bigger with roulette and with craps. With this in mind, you can learn what you need to about roulette in a matter of minutes and start having fun almost immediately.

Casino wheels contain numbers from 1 through 36, in addition to a zero or double zero. European roulette uses a single zero, while American roulette also has a double zero, which is the only major difference. This difference gives the casino or “house” a slightly better advantage with the American version. Some have figured the casino advantage at about 2.7 percent with European roulette. American roulette gives the house more than a 5 percent edge.

In a live casino, there is a croupier or casino employee who sets the wheel in motion. With the online version, there is a spin or play button for the player to click on after numbers are chosen and bets are placed. From that point, it is just a matter of waiting to see where the ball lands, to determine if you are a winner.

Number spaces alternate red and black, with sections all about the same size. Players can bet on a single number, a series of numbers, on a color or on odd or even numbers.

Playing online roulette simply involves using the mouse pointer to click on the number, series of numbers or color and making sure that the amount shown on the “chip” is what you want to bet. Playing online can be as simple as choosing the “flash” version of a casino, which means you don’t have to download the entire software program to your computer.

Players can then sign on for a guest account and use “play” chips to get a feel for the casino and the game. If everything seems right, it may be time to open a real-money account and start wagering with the new, very realistic online roulette games.

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Easy, Fun, Exciting – Online Roulette

Online roulette could be considered the home version of a casino game that takes a few minutes to learn but can provided hours of fun. As the French name indicates, the casino game of roulette has French roots. But the exact origins of this popular game are not completely clear.

Roulette is popular in live casinos and easy to understand have a look at to see how I work . The same can be said of online roulette, because the designers of casino sites have included most of the movement, color and sound that accompany the game. Some players might find the pace a bit slow with roulette, especially if they are used to the constant motion and pace of slots, for example. But fans of roulette find the game has that unique combination of being relaxing and exciting at the same time.