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Top 5 Online Casino Games in New Jersey

While gambling in physical brick and mortar casinos or online casinos isn’t legal in all states, the one thing to know about New Jersey is that they have the least restrictive laws of all. Gambling in other states can be considered criminal activity, but not in New Jersey – with one major exception! If you are going to play online slot games in New Jersey, your IP address needs to show that you are located in the state.

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Of course, that isn’t exactly how the law reads. What New Jersey law says is that you must be over 21 and you must be in New Jersey to gamble in New Jersey, online or in person. Take from that what you will. Now then, onto the important stuff! Here are the top 5 online casino games in New Jersey.

1. Slots

Slots is always going to be among the top 5 or 10 online casino games simply because of the ease at which you can play. There isn’t much to learn other than how to get the slots to turn or how to fund your account. Other than that, slots is a game for those who like to purely play against Lady Luck, no skill involved.

2. Poker

Although poker does take a great deal of skill, it is the most popular card game in the world and there are tons of ‘card sharks’ out there who actually make a living playing poker – a good living at that! However, the one thing to be aware of as with any type of game in which you place wagers, gambling can be an addiction, so if you are not highly skilled at poker, please keep your bets to a minimum! Yes, there is some ‘luck of the draw’ involved, but poker is more a game of analytics than anything else.

3. Bingo

Now then, who can resist bingo? While you can play for free on many sites, it’s much more fun to put down a little money hoping to win the pot. Some types of bingo are progressive and those are often the most fun for people in New Jersey. While there are beaches and boardwalks to enjoy by the major casinos, sometimes the weather is just too cold, so they stay in and visit their favorite bingo casino online.

4. Blackjack

Blackjack is another card game almost as popular as poker but fortunately, doesn’t require the same type of skill. Also, like Poker, one of the things you need to watch for is the fact that you can’t read the dealer or the other players’ facial expressions when wagering online. While Blackjack sometimes requires more luck than skill, you can never lose focus on what cards are already in play. If you have an exceptional memory and are great at keeping up with what’s on the table, try your hand at Blackjack – and yes, the pun is intended!

5. Roulette

Ah, Roulette! For a game which necessitates a great deal of luck, this is one that is fast-paced and fun. On any given day, if you are feeling Lady Luck is standing by your side, Roulette might be the game to play. Nonetheless, a word of caution is advisable here too. If you see that you aren’t having the luck you felt was with you, don’t keep going until you’re out of playing cash. Perhaps that wasn’t Lady Luck standing by your side but a wild wish to win the big one!

There you have the top 5 casino games in New Jersey with some extra information intended to keep your gaming fun and safe. Just remember, to game in New Jersey you must be over the age of 21 and must show that you are in New Jersey. Can you do that? If so, play on!

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